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The 7(a) guarantee loans are more common among small businesses. the 504 fixed-asset small business finance program. Both of the plans can be applied for, however this is a little cumbersome and weighed down with processes. One also needs to present a proven track record for the same. in words of Chuck Evans, co-founder of Prudent Lenders LLC , Both programs look for businesses not in the startup phase, They look for businesses two years into the business cycle that are generating cash flow. Bank Funding also takes minimum, 60-90 days to process, provided you clear all the prior steps. This long term unavailability of cash flow from the banks is now knocking doors to another possibility to fetch capital. This is private lenders who may offer options like Merchant Cash Advance, or credit cards against a fee. This is however expensive, but soft-soaps the capital arrangement for New Business Financing. These offers create affordable monthly payments for the entrepreneurs and bridge the void in the marketplace. A lot of New Business Opportunity Financing companies have sprung who promise to advise and enable Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) access finance for growth from among various financial institutions and government agencies. These have a clear understanding of the need for funds, which you need to make them understand obviously, and Bob is your Uncle. At Inspirecs we make a match between the need and the availability.
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Question: How can i get a grant or a small business loan to start up my business?

Votes: 33 Answer: Grants do not exist. Talk to an SBA lender at a bank for a loan. You will need a business plan, good/great credit and a substantial investment of your own money. In order to see the answer, click here to share this page on Facebook. Meta Analysis: The answer is short and insightful. doesn’t focus on cash, and the tone is tentative. The answer isn’t very clear, and quite hard to understand. The question is short with little complexity. No real monetary issues are questioned, but the question tone is natural. The question isn’t very well explained, and hard to understand. More Questions:
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