Should I Get A Business Credit Card Or A Small Business Loan? – Nerdwallet

It doesnt hurt to ask, she says. When you apply for a business card through a small local bank, you have a much better chance at this. You should also watch out for high annual fees and any additional ones, such as those for late payments and being over the limit on the card. Read the terms and conditions on the credit card agreement very carefully, so youre aware of all the potential costs of owning the card. Business loans: lower interest costs, but tougher approval Business loans come in two forms: a term loan, which provides a lump sum of money at closing, repaid monthly at a fixed interest rate, and a line of credit, which is a variable rate loan similar to how a credit card works, as you have access to a specific amount of money say, $20,000 and you can borrow and repay it as many times as you wish.
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5 smart ways small firms can slash health-care costs

5. Investigate health caresharing ministries The Affordable Care Act offers members of a recognized “health caresharing ministry” exemption from the penalty if they don’t offer what it considers the minimum essential coverage. These ministries are organizations whose members share a “a common set of religious and ethical beliefs and share medical expenses among themselves in accordance with these beliefs,” according to the CMS. “Basically, small to midsize employers can offer employees health ministry benefits vs.
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