What Time Of Year Do Small Businesses Look For Loans? (infographic) | Lendio

(Infographic) December 23rd, 2014 Infographics Why certain industries look for small business loans at different times of the year. Here at Lendio, we get a LOT of people looking for small business loans. After a few years, weve started to notice some trends. Turns out, different industries look for loans at different times. So, weve compiled that data into an infographic for you,and weve found the reasonswhy these businesses show these trends. Enjoy. Small business loan demand varies by industry and season. In Lendios latest monthly infographic, we found that certain industriesshowstrong upticks during certainmonthsof the year. We analyzed the six industries with the strongest seasonal trends and found the top reasons why they were looking for a business loan. Heres what we found: Peak Months for Small Business Loans by Industry Manufacturing Peak months: January through February Reasons theyre looking for a small business loan: Buying equipment Expansion (rent/purchasing land, space, etc.) Construction Peak months: October through November Reasons theyre looking for a small business loan: Payroll and surviving through the winter Advertising
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.lendio.com/blog/small-business-loan-seasonality-industry-infographic/

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