Kiva Zip | Inti Electrical School

I see him for consultations about once per month. Tell us about this borrower’s personality and character, and why you are endorsing him or her for a Kiva Zip loan. Octavio is a talented electrician, but his true passion is teaching. I am endorsing him because he has the experience and dedication to be a great teacher for other aspiring electricians. Tell us about this borrower’s business, and why you believe a Kiva Zip loan will contribute to his or her success. Octavio has written a great business plan for his electric school. He has a steady job and a plan to start teaching classes two nights a week. The loan will help him with buying an initial set of books for his class and a projector. Octavio’s business will help train many Spanish speakers so that they’re able to pass the journeyman and masters electrician exams. They will then have the opportunity to be able to advance their careers and possibly improve their economic situation. This borrowers loan is for $4,000.00. Repayments on the borrowers loan will be in monthly installments of $166.67 over a period of 24 months.
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