How To Get A Small Business Loan With Bad Credit ~ Consolidating Credit Card Debt – Guide About Consolidating Credit Card Debt

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Neighborhood BusinessWorks Program

PROJECT CRITERIA Project must be located in a Sustainable Community Project viability and potential impact on the neighborhood First floor business or retail space use that generates street level activity in mixed use projects Improvements to a vacant or under-utilized building or site Readiness to proceed Cash flow and collateral Priority is given to projects that strengthen neighborhood commercial districts and are part of a greater revitalization strategy. The following types of projects and activities will not be considered for financing: Residential or transient living facilities (other than mixed-use projects described in eligible projects section) Facilities such as community halls, fire stations, hospitals, colleges or universities Adult bookstores, adult video shops, other adult entertainment facilities, gambling facilities, gun shops, liquor stores, massage parlors, pawn shops, tanning salons, or tattoo parlors Cumberland Town Center received a Neighborhood Business Works Loan for Acquisition and renovation of two adjacent vacant buildings for mixed use. Loan amounts up to $500,000 or 50% of the total project costs, whichever is less Interest rate is based on an underwriting analysis Target loan term is five to 15 years, depending on use and loan amount Minimum five percent applicant cash contribution is required (based on total new project cost) Personal guarantees and collateral are required No prepayment penalties
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