If YOU feel the tug to do more and want out of life, perhaps entrepreneurship is what you are seeking. If you are tired of watching millionaires and billionaires make huge amount of money, remember they are entrepreneurs and the money came by way of …hard work. If you just have all these ideas and what to see them become a reality, then dont wait any longer become ONE!! It is one of the greatest experiences in the World! .. While entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, it is a Dream that we all aspire to reach. Why entrepreneurship? Freedom, independence, profit potential, creativity, meaningful and purposeful, communal, philanthropy, social, and so much more!! It is ONLY through entrepreneurship that we are able to do all these things and in a way that directly transforms and changes the world inside us and around us. It’s impacting!!
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Gellert is the head of marketing at OnDeck, a technology company that lends to small businesses . In the past year, OnDeck has grown more than 150 percent and loaned over $1 billion to small businesses. I spoke with Gellert about why she left corporate America to join the startup, and what shes looking for in a company applying for a loan. See Also 5 credit card mistakes that will cost you Gellert started her career at American Express , working there as a summer intern and then spending 15 years there. And going from that a major, publicly traded company to a startup of 100 people was a big change. At large companies, it takes a long time to feel the impact of what you do, she said. What difference does one person make at a large company? Since she came to OnDeck in 2012, Gellert has seen small businesses benefit from her work. She mentioned one restaurant in Mareille, Ill., that is popular among the local hunting and fishing crowd. The owner wanted a loan to upgrade his kitchen before hunting season but was turned down at his local bank. After that happened, the owner found OnDeck and received the loan he needed the same day he applied. He was able to get his kitchen ready for hunting season and saw a 15 percent increase in sales.
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OnDeck expert Andrea Gellert gives tips for applying for small business loans – Washington Business Journal

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