Ryan Holiday: How To Market Your Start-up Business On A Small Budget – Virgin Startup Loans

If any outsider looks at your business theyll quickly speak up saying, heres a problem, heres a problem and heres another a problem. That money should be giving you a little bit of a lifeline to continue to a point where you are either able to get to a launch, or maybe youre in a cash flow positive from day one and you can start to explore your options for growth. Alternatively, you can get yourself to a point where you can go after bigger fish who can give you more money to do whatever advertising or marketing that you need. 2. Focus on creating a minimum viable product Secondly, Id recommend you get your business to a Minimum Viable Product stage, instead of trying to start with the perfect final product. This means you can keep testing and changing your offer to get it right. Take writing a book. An author thinks, Ive got a good idea and its obviously a great idea for a book, now Im going to go write it. And now that Im done, after Ive spent a year of my life and all my money writing this thing, Im going to show it to people and no one is interested. You dont want to be in that situation.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.virginstartup.org/news/ryan-holiday-market-business-using-virgin-startup-loan/#.U5oPQo9bbQU.twitter


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